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Your yacht is a source of pure pleasure. It should always be kept well maintained and available to you – and deserves the best care available. Regardless of whether or not your vessel is a Lürssen, we have a piece of advice: leave it in family hands.

With Lürssen Yacht Management, you know your ship is cared for by experts who have an in-depth understanding of yacht maintenance and operation, including all subsystems. Because Lürssen Yacht Management is shaped by the same uncompro-mising dedication to quality we put into shipbuilding, you can rely on us to keep your yacht in top condition. Our services include:

• Technical management
• Operating
• Crew management
• Procurement
• Bookkeeping
• Insurance

It all adds up to peace of mind and freedom to fully enjoy your time afloat. To find out all about what Lürssen Yacht Management can do for you, simply call us at +49 421 6604 561 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.