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From inspiration to maiden voyage

Custom-building a modern luxury motor yacht is a process of milestones or, more aptly, a voyage of many discoveries. Each step is an exhilarating achievement, a source of great joy for the owner and professional pride for Lürssen’s engineers and technicians. It all begins with an inspiration, your vision of a yacht as individual as your personality. There are no limits during this initial, creative phase: all thoughts and wishes are welcome. The design team and Lürssen’s experts will work with you to give form to your dream, visualized in 3D renderings. Although many aspects remain open to revision in later project phases, final approval of the design means physical work on the vessel itself can begin.

The first cut

The first tangible step in the shipbuilding process, the first steel cut, is an occasion of great excitement accompanied by ceremony. The joyful event takes place directly in our own facilities, usually before the eyes of the owner and project team. Here, a small shape is cut out of the steel sheet. This piece often becomes an adornment of the yacht or an owner’s keepsake. From this point on, the exterior design of your yacht takes shape on a step-by-step basis.

Good luck coins

Now that steel-cutting is underway, the ship’s keel – the backbone of the structure – must be laid to begin construction of the hull. In a tradition dating back to the early days of shipbuilding, a ceremony takes place to mark the laying of the keel. But before keel laying, part of the ritual is to place one or two coins under the keel block. There they remain until the vessel is ready to leave the dry dock. The coins, which according to maritime lore bring good fortune to the ship, are often later welded to the hull.

Keel laying ceremony

This step is one of the most a momentous milestones in the shipbuilding process. Although in modern shipbuilding the keel is generally no longer laid as a single beam, but rather in segments, watching as the first module of the ship’s hull is lowered onto the keel block is truly breathtaking – even for seasoned shipbuilders and yachtsmen. The ceremony is usually attended by the owner.

Construction continues

The manufacture of a Lürssen luxury motor yacht or megayacht involves literally hundreds of highly skilled and qualified technicians and engineers, each specialized in different trades and disciplines. These including welding and other forms of metalworking, electrical engineering, woodwork and a wide spectrum of painting and finishing methods. Using the block construction process, entire multideck segments of the hull and superstructure are built and outfitted with preinstalled technology such as piping, electrical cables and other components, before assembly at the building dock. Throughout the multiyear process, the Lürssen project team works closely with the owner’s representatives.
The video below offers a fascinating glimpse, showing the construction of the 156-meter, 15,917-ton megayacht Dilbar – the world’s largest-ever private motor yacht.

Launching – The yacht enters her true element

Whether launched down the slipway or by flooding the dock, as is the case with the larger Lürssen superyachts, the vessel’s first encounter with water is a highly exciting and emotionally charged milestone. To see a custom-built luxury motor yacht, the product of years of planning and intensive work, float freely in her element for the first time is one of the true joys shared by yacht owners and yachtbuilders alike. Depending on the owner’s wishes, the naming may take place at this point or on final delivery. Christenings are carried out with varying levels of ceremony, in some cases focusing on the naming of the vessel, in others including blessings bestowed by a representative of the owner’s religion. In all cases, it is an unforgettable moment. The film below offers some impressions of recent Lürssen superyacht launches.

Launching – Unforgettable moments

Sea trial

Following the launch, the yacht’s interior furnishings and other final touches are completed. During this intermediate period, the sea trial takes place with officials from the applicable maritime classification society as well as the owner’s representatives on board. Before final approval can be given, the authorities carry out the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) including parameters such as high- and top-speed performance, dynamic position, navigation, noise and vibrations, lifeboat deployment, stabilizers, temperatures and anchor function.

Delivery – Time for the maiden voyage

This is the moment every yacht owner dreams of, when you take possession and can embark on the maiden voyage. From this day on, the yacht becomes your personalized home at sea, your luxury villa anywhere, anytime. A unique oasis for you, your family, friends and guests. Many owners value the pleasure and convenience of always having their favourite comforts with them while travelling: a private chef, special bed linen or certain works of art. Whatever preferences you have, you can look forward to an entirely new dimension of luxury travel, adventure and the sheer, incomparable joy of life at sea.

Welcome aboard, welcome home

Lifetime support

The yachting life is all about luxury travel and entertainment in complete freedom. To ensure that your yacht life is totally free of care and complications, we offer comprehensive lifetime support for your vessel. Our services provide not only peace of mind and pure yachting pleasure, but also make sure your yacht stays as strikingly beautiful as the day she embarked on her maiden voyage.

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