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To love yachts is to love the sea
To love the sea is to respect the environment

The Lürssen family and company are deeply aware of the need to protect not only the world’s oceans and coastlines, but the entire global ecology and climate. In cooperation with our clients, we consistently apply our innovative resources to reduce the environmental impact of our yachts. For example, recent vessels feature a new compact silencer with integrated SCR filter and additional soot filter to lower NOx, soot and noise emissions below current regulatory limits. In addition, Lürssen is the first yacht-builder to utilize waste engine heat to operate a vessel’s onboard desalination system for drinking water. We continue to invest substantially in research of energy technologies that promise a major step forward in sustainability, such as fuel cells and hybrid-concepts. But our interest in protecting the environment goes beyond the vessels we build: Lürssen is a major contributor to the marine biodiversity conservation organization Blue Marine Foundation.

Lürssen is a major partner of

Lürssen is a major partner of the Blue Marine Foundation

United to protect our oceans

Lürssen is a major partner of the Blue Marine Foundation, an organization dedicated to restoring healthy oceans by supporting marine biodiversity. The foundation has had impressive initial successes and has ambitious – but reachable – targets for the coming years.


Marine biodiversity at risk

With 90% of wild fish stocks are overfished, in some cases to the point of near extinction, the natural balance of our oceans is threatened. This balance is essential to maintaining the sea’s capacity to absorb CO2.

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A solvable challenge

Countering the threat to marine biodiversity is not easy, but also not impossible. Fish stocks can recover and ecosystems thrive if large areas of the world’s oceans are designated marine wildlife reserves.

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Taking action

The Blue Marine Foundation is globally active

With projects all over the world, the organization is making real progress. It aims to place 30% of oceans worldwide under protection by 2030.

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Yacht club

Join the ocean’s favourite club

The charitable initiative Blue Marine Yacht Club joins like-minded members of the international yachting community to support the foundation. Established by Prince Albert II of Monaco, the club includes prestigious yacht designers such as Winch Design as well as shipbuilders like Peter Lürßen alongside yacht owners.

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You can contribute too

Lürssen encourages the yachting community to join us in supporting the Blue Marine Foundation.

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