World-class design meets world-class technology

Opposites attract – or so the saying goes. But our experience proves something different: The same values, the same dedication draw people together with a force at least as strong. Nowhere is this synergy more apparent than in our work with the world’s leading naval architects and interior designers. Inspired by the superlative technology and craftsmanship that marks our yachtbuilding, acclaimed designers have realised masterpieces in cooperation with Lürssen. Click on the renderings below for impressions of how the finest designers think and work – and find inspiration for your yacht.

Abdulbaki Senol

Alpha Marine LTD

Azure Naval Architects

Bannenberg & Rowell Design

Beiderbeck Designs

Bill Prince Yacht Design

Bozca Design

Cor D. Rover

Dennis Ingemansson Design

Docq Concepts

Donald Starkey Designs

ER Yacht Design

Espen Oeino

Evan Marshall

Fernando de Almeida Yacht Design

Francesco Paszkowski Design

Frank Neubelt

German Frers

Gresham Yacht Design

H2 Yacht Design

Harrison Eidsgaard

Horacio Bozzo Design

Igor Lobanov

Joachim Kinder

John Munford Design

JQB Design


Luca Dini Design

Luiz de Basto Designs

Messerschmitt Yachts

Nauta Design

Nuvolari Lenard

Reymond Langton

Rob Doyle Design

Sorgiovanni Designs

Terence Disdale Design

Tim Heywood Designs Ltd.

Tony Castro Design

Vitruvius Yacht Design

Winch Design

YXXI Yacht Design

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