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Compliance is an integral and essential part of our business; consequently, we adhere to the law and observe ethical principles.
In this context our Policy Statement sets out our strategy for protecting human rights and fulfilling environmental obligations; it applies to Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. KG and also to its subsidiaries, if and to the extent applicable.

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With the Lürssen Code of Conduct, we have defined our basic rules for Lürssen worldwide:

Lürssen Code of Conduct

All Lürssen employees, but also third parties such as customers, suppliers, etc., may report possible violations of legal regulations or internal guidelines to our reporting office. We would like to point out that reporting should be done truthfully and according to best knowledge. The Reporting System serves both as a whistleblower system under the Whistleblower Protection Act and as a complaints procedure under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

To the Reporting System

Our reporting office can also be reached via the email address meldestelle@luerssen.de. Your messages will be dealt with by Mrs. Dr. Karen Lorenz (phone: +49 (0)40 3119 1618) and, in her absence, by Mrs. Mirela Kozlica (phone: +49 (0)421 6604 606).

The reports are not subject to any form and can be submitted in writing (please only to the above email address) or verbally (by telephone or in person). Information sent to this reporting office is confidential and can only be viewed by these two persons.

The following facts may be reported:

  1. Criminal offenses
  2. Administrative offenses that concern the protection of life, limb or health or the protection of the rights of employees or their representatives
  3. Violation of legal regulations regarding inter alia product safety, environmental protection, data protection
However, information that is intentionally false is not protected.

Mrs. Fabienne Danne has been appointed as Human Rights Officer and in this function and responsibility she will review the activities of the reporting office in accordance with the law. You can reach Mrs. Danne on +49 (0)421 6604 5853 or via the email address compliance@luerssen.de.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions

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