Luca Abbate

    Young Designer 2020

    Med Wave is a sustainable yacht that has taken inspiration from Puglia’s beaches, which are characterised by both a natural environment and cohesion between the sand and the sea. The yacht’s external lines are sinuous and soft. The lower deck offers an innovative layout in comparison to other yachts of similar size and has an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi that were inspired by the Grotta della Poesia or the “Cave of Poetry” located in Puglia. The owner’s cabin is exterior-facing with the owner’s deck boasting a private Jacuzzi and pool. Nature is the theme throughout the interior; on the main deck there is an olive tree – an unequivocal symbol from Puglia’s landscape – that can be seen from all the upper decks. Each aspect of the design considers sustainability, including the use of hybrid engines. The yacht is able to sail in ‘Zero Emission Mode’ with electric propulsion, limiting pollution so the yacht can sail in protected areas. Achieving comfort and sustainability on board was the main ambition during the refit. Med Wave gives the feeling of a sustainable wave that makes you feel part of the Mediterranean. EXTERIOR: The yacht’s external lines are sinuous and soft and they replicate the gentle and low waves that bathe the coastline of the Mediterranean. Med Wave is the result of a refitting process, where the bow, the stern and the superstructure have been modified to create a strong relationship between the sea and the guests. INTERIOR: In comparison with the exterior lines, the interior is marked by a chromatic variety that stems from a broad choice of materials. Through the use of black, grey and white tones, the owner is able to experience the yacht in a more elegant, typical Italian style.

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