Timur Bozca

    Young Designer 2015

    The design philosophy of Cauta was aiming to create a unique form which can give new perspective to the yacht world. Cauta, a 55 m, high-performance world cruiser, is a very challenging, dynamic, futuristic and unique yacht. A masterpiece of design, Cauta is a lightweight, high-performance yacht with a carbon fibre hull and superstructure. The sparkling “Elite Supernova Silver” colour of the Cauta and the innovative lines of its unique look reflect the technology incorporated into the superyacht. Touted as a new class of yacht, this incredible super cruiser can cross the Atlantic in a very short space of time with guests enjoying some of the most luxurious quarters available. Boasting a revolutionary Dynarig sailing system, Cauta has two self-standing and rotating masts which host ten sails, all of which can be controlled by a single sailor. Shaped like an albatross, Cauta is unmistakably a sailing yacht, but is clearly different from the current line of sailing superyachts. It pushes the envelope with a surprising, innovative appearance that emphasises curves and sensuality, with a covered upper deck and few sharp edges. The design philosophy is everything for a reason. Every curve and every component of the yacht has been considered in microscopic detail. Cauta is consistently focused on optimum aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, giving the Cauta the real dynamic experience of a performance concept, yet it is still fully homologated for the sea. The design turned into a bird that resembled a yacht: the shy albatross. The result is a pure, straightforward design.

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