Ioana Valentina Corcodel

    Young Designer 2022

    OPHELIA The 65 metre eco-friendly yacht The concept is mainly inspired by functional architecture. The exterior is very minimal, leaving space for the eco-friendly features of the vessel. Ophelia is endowed with plenty of solar cells spread on all the flat surfaces available, for maximum efficiency of the system. One of the key characteristics of the vessel is the installation of kinetic solar panels on the side windows, programmed to open and close depending on the sun’s radiation, offering a comfortable environment inside throughout the entire day, without the use of electric power. Upon boarding the boat you see the dance floor of the main salon leading to the bar, surrounded by semi-private lounge areas. The second key point of the concept is the energy dance floor, split into panels that generate energy simply from the movement of the guests. Although the design of the yacht is driven by the sustainability component, the client’s desire for a functional and efficient layout were not forgotten. Instead of the classic horizontally extended layout, Ophelia’s general arrangement is vertically designed, providing good results in terms of space efficiency. By reorganising the available space I extended the salon from the main deck to the upper deck. Furthermore, the owner benefits from a two-level cabin. As well as being on two levels, this cabin has an open atrium space leading to an elegant office connected to the library. The interior's warm tones, in combination with the garden spaces, give the interior a very natural ambience that makes a connection with the outside.

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