Samyak Khobragade

    Young Designer 2023

    The Prêt-à-Porter concept draws inspiration from its name, which means "ready-made", with a focus on industrial design. Influenced by the elegant and uncluttered style of Dieter Rams, this concept combines sleek curves and a gracefully sloping sheer line reminiscent of classic sail yachts. The yacht exudes sophistication and length, accentuated by its long, horizontal curves. To enhance the connection with the marine environment, the design features a continuous and low sheer line, allowing natural light to flood the interior spaces. Full-length structural glass further amplifies this connection. For optimal performance and sustainability, it is proposed that the hull be crafted from lightweight and recyclable aluminium, while carbon fibre is suggested for the masts and forged carbon fibre for the caps, providing a unique aesthetic appeal. The centrepiece of the design is the open beach club, seamlessly integrated into the vessel's layout. A swimming platform doubles as an entrance and offers docking facilities for up to three tenders. The beach club boasts fold-out terraces, creating a spacious and inviting environment. A retractable bathing platform ensures easy access to the water. Additionally, the club houses a stunning swimming pool with a rising floor and surrounding Pygmy Date Palm trees. A staircase leads to the wellness area, which includes a spa, massage facilities, a bar, scuba equipment and a gym. The beach club transitions from a recreational area during the day to a vibrant nightclub during parties. Equipped with a DJ booth, the pool floor rises to transform into a dance floor, while the wellness area converts into a bar lounge. Circular public spaces encourage interaction between guests, and a wheelchair-accessible day-head caters to guests with various levels of mobility. Promoting sustainability, a hydroponic farm on the main deck supplies fresh ingredients for the onboard chef. The upper deck features a design studio, comprising a dressmaking atelier, a meeting area and a guest lounge. The aft area offers an open dining space, a six-seater bar lounge and seating for 20 guests. A small pond with lotus plants flows into the pool below to create a waterfall. The sun deck serves as a versatile space for fashion shows and relaxation with the option to transform it into an open-air theatre. The owner's suite, located on the main deck, features an office area and a cabin with a recessed balcony on the port side and a private terrace on the starboard side. Privacy is paramount, and the terrace can be opened without crew interference. The large wardrobe conceals a secret emergency escape, and a folding staircase provides direct access to the intimate front deck relaxation area. Neutral-toned natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk, complemented by teak wood furniture, create a serene ambiance. White marble accents the washrooms, while polished stainless steel frames add a touch of elegance. The Prêt-à-Porter concept encapsulates ready-made luxury, blending practicality, aesthetics and sustainability into a captivating yacht design.

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