Chris Lane

    Young Designer 2020

    Hydra is an 80-metre refit project named after the mythical sea serpent of Greek mythology and the star constellation of the same name. The exterior design uses cues from current trends in land and naval architecture to create a dynamic and unique aesthetic which would stand out in the yachting industry. The colour palette and geometric lines of the exterior bring the refit to the modern day, whilst the interior benefits from many modern technologies including smart glass that allows light into areas when desired or becomes opaque to create privacy. The yacht also creates electric power to service the yacht and to drive the azimuth pod hybrid propulsion system. The aft beach club space is a unique area which is centrally divided by a glass-walled pool accessed from the aft main deck above. The glass pool brings light into an otherwise dark area, which is appointed with a wellness space that includes a gym, massage room and sauna starboard, and a lounge bar and small cinema room port side. Two large drop-down doors expand the space further to create adjoining bathing platforms and create a seamless indoor/outdoor space.

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