Ricardo Pilguj

    Young Designer 2017

    The superyacht "RP80" is defined by a few flowing and sharp design lines which stretch the length of the yacht. My intention was to combine boat design with automotive surface treatment. The yacht has stunning proportions with an elegant floating superstructure made from switchable and dimmable smart glass to give a clean and sculptural appearance. Side balconies maximises the outdoor space of the owners deck and make a great sea view possible. At night the yacht is illuminated by the glass superstructure with laminated transparent OLED foils. The yacht houses two 10 metre tenders which are unique. The open and limousine tender are stored on each sides of the garage. Both tender are powered by a pair Volvo Duoprop D6-6400/DP Sterndrive. Two further dinghies are stacked and the three jet skies are located in the centre of the garage. The first one is a 13.2m limousine tender which really flies over the water thanks to retractable foils. When the foils are moved in the tender just measures 10m. To increase the visual effect of flying over the water the centre bottom of the interior lounge is designed to be transparent. A holographic sea map is projected at the centre of the interior to see the next destination. The second tender is an 10.8m open tender for exploration. When anchored the side-bulwarks can be folded down to increase usable deck space for sunbathing. All three boats follow the same design language that make them truly recognisable of the same kind. A front flap allows easy access to the tender when beached.

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