Louis Charles Possover

    Young Designer 2024

    Project ENTERPRISE arose from a deep fascination with the golden age of space exploration and science fiction literature. A unique silhouette (with the given decks) and smooth, aerodynamic surfaces, broken up by purposefully placed technical details, evoke a sense of timeless wonder when first approaching the monolithic vessel. The exterior styling is that of a rugged, versatile crossover expedition yacht, which invites the owner to explore the seas. “To boldly go where no one has gone before!” To meet the upcoming shift in media consumption through augmented and virtual reality, all spaces remain largely unencumbered, allowing the yacht’s interior to be enriched by virtual augmentations. The main focal point of this new approach to experience-driven interior design is the StarLounge, where guests can explore the starry night sky. This can be done either analogue through the oculus or by extending the existing view through a fully interactive AR-3D projection of celestial bodies above. To provide the owner with a sustainable yachting experience, both the yacht’s operation and life cycle have been considered. ENTERPRISE could be fitted with methane-powered generators for short-range fully electric propulsion or hospitality services. AI systems will also be running to optimise HVAC and lighting, working to reduce ongoing energy consumption. Cork will be used as a teak alternative throughout the entire vessel. (Louis Charles Possover)

    Meet Louis Possover

    What drew you to yacht design?
    Design has always been a major driving force in my life. Yacht design, in particular, inspires me because of the variety of workflows, processes and interdisciplinary areas of expertise it requires.
    Yacht design is a fascinating profession. It allows me to explore many interests, from exterior styling and architecture to micro detailing of all the bespoke furnishings and fittings necessary for a luxury vessel.

    Which designers inspire your craft?
    I find inspiration in many places, not always directly related to yachts or other designers. Before I decided to become a designer, I was fascinated by vehicles like the Atlantis space shuttle. Atlantis represents the epitome of human innovation; it fills me with a deep sense of awe and humility. Such sentiments inspire and drive me when developing my projects. In line with this, I gravitate toward imposing purpose-built explorer yachts such as OCTOPUS or SHINKAI.

    How would you like to see yacht design evolve?
    Increased sustainability in a yacht's life cycle and operation is an undeniable must. But, in my opinion, one of the most unique aspects of yacht design is the requisite for direct interaction with the client. Instead of developing mass-produced goods, We create individualised projects according to specific tastes and needs.
    This opens many opportunities for creating unique designs, with highly specialised and individualised use cases and client visions. The increasing sophistication of novel design and manufacturing processes enabled through the emergence of artificial intelligence and 3D printing will allow designers to envision ever-increasing disruptive yachts in the industry – and I cannot wait to see how yachts will evolve in the coming decades!

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