Jim Robert Sluijter

    Young Designer 2012

    The main challenge was to convert the non-conventional proportions of the research vessel into a sleek-looking modern yacht. The yacht’s main features include exterior staircases that define the ship’s profile and contribute to the logical layout of the yacht as well as a beach club and relaxation area towards its bow. The eye-catching exterior lines emphasize the existing proportions of the yacht. With their smooth surface treatment, the lines follow the integrated exterior stairs, which separate the routes of crew and guests, to the sundeck. The owners’ area at the aft of the bridge deck provides a completely private space for a romantic breakfast or some quality alone time during the day. For a private dinner, barbecue or spa, the owners’ space can be extended to a private sundeck simply by locking the door from the bridge deck lobby to the exterior stairs. The exterior lines continue up towards the sundeck dodger, supported by a unique and impressive glass wall that emphasizes the distinguished proportions of the explorer yacht. The bridge wings of the yacht are worthy of their name as they actually look like they are floating. The large sunbathing area at the foredeck is connected to the beach club by an elliptical glass floor and a circular staircase. These areas provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable party. The crew will be able to perform their duties without disturbing guests in the beach club as they have a passageway below it from the central staircase to the crew area in the bow.

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