Lorenzo Squadrito

    Young Designer 2021

    Phoenix's Design is characterised by two original aspects: The first consists of the large "fashion plates" that extend longitudinally, allowing us to visually streamline the shape. Furthermore, the result obtained by the particular technique of applying these "fashion plates" creates a very interesting optical illusion. When they are applied as if they were inter-deck, they visually simulate the presence of a greater number of them than there actually are. Within the framework of my projects, it is always important to me to develop elements of neuro-architecture adapted to yachts, because these represent a cornerstone of my design. The second aspect is the will to use an alternation of solids to create external areas less exposed to the winds and the cold climate, but still coherent and faithful to the surfaces required for the deckhouse. That is because these are not to be considered deckhouses precisely because they are open volumes. Thanks to the innovative, dynamic and modern design devices of the exteriors, it is possible to live the experience of direct involvement with the surrounding snowy environment. At the same time, the welcoming interiors of Phoenix, modern and innovative in form, open up, offering the luxury of a warm mountain chalet. Great attention has been paid to the project to ensure that the crew and guests only meet where desired. In consideration of the owner, it is noticeable that in the ship owner's office, the seats were placed at a safe distance in accordance with the provisions of the COVID-19 regulations. The solution will be useful if the owner wishes to invite and meet external guests on board. Another great opportunity concerns the placement of the helicopter on board. In fact, there is the option to land on a specially prepared platform, which can be moved towards the bow thanks to two trolleys. Once the aircraft has arrived in the optimal position, the external protection will be pulled, which will consist of an inflatable cover.

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