Benjamin Toth

    Young Designer 2013

    In accordance with the briefing to develop an unconventional explorer-like yacht using the provided hull lines, this concept implements all of the features of the client’s wish list for equipment, accommodation, utility areas and living spaces and inspects some novel design solutions. To reflect the owner’s affinity for classic cars and sports cars, the exterior styling delicately picks up on the core values of automotive design and translates their harmony of silhouette, proportion, surface treatment and line work into this yacht’s elegant and characteristic appearance. Functional requirements and aesthetic guidelines fuse into a design theme which separately accentuates the arching body of inner structures and rear deck units as well as the spanning white skin encasing 60 meters of informal luxury ambience. The desire for a large outdoor living space is answered with a 40m convertible weather deck offering versatile open-air utility areas as well as an expanded central beam section. This incorporates a panoramic spa/pool/gym area as well as fitness equipment, a range of mobile furniture and a heated chill-out lounge punctuated by outdoor fireplaces right at the center. The interior’s main feature is a conical spiraling staircase leading through all the decks and right up to the crow’s nest. All of the required spaces were integrated into the design and are shown on the general arrangement plans. ReSeadence 60 is inspired by automotive design as well as architectural structures with the aim of creating versatile living spaces on each deck.

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