Baoqi Xiao

    Young Designer 2016

    Offering an outstanding outdoor experience and unique styling, the Cercio concept represents a whole new level of luxury. Space arrangement in the Cercio concept is inspired by the interlocking feature of knitwear fabric. Due to its unique structure, knitwear fabric has a singular zig-zag pattern. This zig-zag pattern has become an iconic design style in the Italian fashion industry. Enlarged, the zig-zag pattern influences both the exterior and interior design of the Cercio concept. The master cabin is located exclusively on the upper deck, providing the owner with privacy and an excellent view. With a large window facing the stern, the owner can clearly see the entire main aft deck and the outside scenery. One of the main features of the Cercio concept is its open-space outdoor experience. A large saloon area, which includes long benches, a cinema and a Teppanyaki Grill, is located near the stern on the main deck. It connects two guest cabins and the owner’s cabin to the beach club. This saloon unifies all entertainment features on the main deck within one large space, enhancing flexibility while making movement between activities much easier. Guests can access the beach club by walking down the grand staircase from the main deck saloon. Fully extended, the beach club provides a large area for lounging. An extendable swimming platform enhances the beach club experience by providing direct access for water sports activities without interrupting other beach club activities.

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