Jiantao Zhu

    Young Designer 2014

    The exterior design of “Swan” was inspired by the white swan. Its charming lines outline an elegant shape, like the way white swans seem to dance on the surface of the lake. Swan is equipped with a hot tub and has a golf course, swimming pool and air lounge on the aft deck. It also has a beach bar and boat store. From the beach bar up to the main deck, there is a large swimming pool. By pushing through a stainless steel door, you can access a business, entertainment and dining area from both sides and in one of the main deck salons with a panoramic view. The spacious and comfortable leisure area is an important characteristic of Swan. The interior decoration is styled in beige, ivory, original colours and dark brown, coordinating to create a peaceful and comfortable living environment with delicate internal modelling that is consistent with the basic design. The overall coordination and succinct, smooth lines emphasise the details, with space reserved for more personalised decoration.

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