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Episode two
Future Propulsion Technologies

This episode’s topic "Future Propulsion Technologies" is all about yacht propulsions. Get an overview of which propulsion solutions is currently available, what is state of the art and which future solutions are more sustainable. Which solution is the best for my yacht operation? Is hydrogen the future diesel? Is the fuel cell the solution of tomorrow?


Lürssen is known to be reticent to divulge information when it comes to projects under construction or information about clients - and this will not change. But for all inquisitive yacht lovers, the Lürssen Live! talk will satisfy your curiosity about other topics of real importance.

Lürssen Live! offers a look behind the scenes and gives exclusive insights into the shipyard in a different way. Together with our audience we will discuss what matters most.

Each show focuses on a different topic and we invite the audience to send us suggestions and requests on topics that are of passionate interest to them. During the live talk the audience has the unique opportunity to ask Peter Lürssen their personal questions - live on air - and receive first-hand information right away.

David Seal, who is well known for his YouTube Channel “Yachts for Sale” and has significant expertise in yachting, will moderate the live talk. Julia Asuka Riedl dives into the details and explains difficult aspects in an understandable way. Merijn de Waard, owner of SuperYacht Times and probably one of the most knowledgeable yachting enthusiasts on the planet, will handle all incoming questions.

Exclusive • Exciting • Interactive • Live!

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Episode one
The right size matters

This episode’s topic "The Right Size Matters" is all about finding the right size of a bespoke Lürssen for our clients. Get an exclusive insight and a look behind the scenes at the current 55-metre project to see what it takes to handle a customised yacht of any size. Does size matter? What are the differences between building a custom 55-metre and a 120-metre yacht?