Anna Borla

    Young Designer 2020

    Few structural changes have been integrated into the design of Black Heron in order to avoid excessive costs, however several cosmetic changes and design concepts have been implemented to create a new modern look for the yacht. She has more geometric lines on the superstructure and on the hull, including new colours that give the yacht an improved layout with an aggressive appearance. The most important changes are the increase in volume at the stern and the bow. This allows for a new spa and sports area close to the beach club and a new space on the bow away from the guest accommodation, which can be used as a tender garage or a large relaxation area when the electric doors are closed. The new black lines on the superstructure that resemble big windows allow the original superstructure to be hidden whilst the original portholes are still visible. Inside, the use of the sliding doors allow private areas to be converted into generous, open spaces. The interior of the yacht is outfitted with eco-friendly materials, especially wood and glass and many cabins have ceilings and floors made with wooden planks and feature furniture made from recycled textiles.

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