Ana Čeović

    Young Designer 2021

    Project Phoenix is a design for an expedition yacht. The thought behind this design was to achieve a balance between functionality, comfort and elegance. The owner’s objective is to explore the Northern seas/shores. To contrast the cold landscapes, as well as its functional and robust exterior, the interior of the yacht is warm, designed with mostly natural materials and many wooden surfaces, giving it a sauna-like feeling. The living area/saloon is a large open space with a frameless glass wall, visually extending the interior outdoors, while providing protection against outdoor conditions. To make it even more cosy, and fully translate the comfort of an interior, the design includes a fireplace. Expedition yachts do not usually require a lot of open deck space. However, in the past year, we have all come to know enclosed spaces all too well, thus recognising the value of open ones. For that reason, the yacht is designed to have some open space on every deck, including a private terrace for the owner’s cabin. Additionally, the sun deck design includes a glasshouse bar, a Jacuzzi, and a sunbathing area, providing yet another option for the owner and their guests to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest without compromising comfort.

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