Onur Kiren

    Young Designer 2021

    Throughout its millennia-old journey through life, mankind has learned to discover its surrounding environment as well as its inner self, felt the embrace of water, become lost in the boundless wisdom of air, created wonders using the miracles of the earth and harnessed the power of fire. The mystical venture of mankind began with a revival. Humans prayed to their creator to be revived, and such a prayer came true. God granted them life. The primary goal of the revival concept is to recall this precious moment to its guests and have their souls revived. Embodying the mystical elements of water, air, earth, and fire, the Hall of Four Elements is a unique space to induce such a spirit. Furthermore, the health and wellness centre, in connection with the swimming pool and the fitness centre, combining Turkish bath, sauna, ice shock and massage facilities, will help guests feel refreshed. With its underwater observation room, diving room, submarine, underwater and surface drones, as well as sky observatory, this research vessel commits itself to stirring the aforementioned emotions in humans, who have had the instinct for exploration since its creation. With a capacity to accommodate 12 guests in 2 VIP, 3 guest, and 1 master cabin, Revival offers many facilities such as a 100-metre runway, indoor and outdoor cinemas, a sunbathing terrace, a games room, a dining/meeting room, a library, and a photo lab. Moreover, to enable its owner to enjoy his or her skiing hobby in cold climates, the vessel also features a ski store/workshop, as well as a fully-certified heliport suitable for the landing of helicopters such as the Airbus H135 and others. Sustaining the world as an inhabitable planet is the essential theme of this concept. It offers a fully-equipped scientific research space for scientists in order to enable them to conduct their work. Hydrogen-cell-powered, state-of-the-art propulsion systems and solar window films also contribute to the said theme. In conclusion, with its uniquely meaningful design and nature, Revival looks forward to making its guests experience sublime feelings, especially the feeling of revival.

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