Emre Citir

    Young Designer 2019

    A snowflake symbolises perfection, individuality and simplicity despite its complex structure; just like nature. The ‘’Snowflake’’ concept was created to emphasize respect for nature. The concept was born from a hexagonal snowflake shape. Dynamic soul and individuality are displayed via the main characteristic lines of the shape. The sleek design of a sailing yacht, the spacious interior of a motor yacht and future technologies are the Snowflake’s sources of perfection. She is unique and lightweight, as implied by her name. This is thanks to smooth curves, sharp corners, and a carbon fibre superstructure. An almost futuristic property, the omniphobic-coated steel-aluminum hull produces 50 percent less friction. A diesel-electric propulsion system, 1850 metres squared Dyna-rig sails, solar panels on the roof, transparent solar sails and glass come together to produce a high level of green propulsion force. Controllable pitch propellers regenerate energy when the sails are full of wind. With all these technologies, Snowflake is a remarkable design for nature.

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