Oliver Clarke

    Young Designer 2019

    Serrate integrates the presence of a motor yacht with the simple elegance associated with sailing yachts. The elegant, serrate-leaf-inspired hull should appear to glide through the water effortlessly with the design looking as naturally beautiful as the environment surrounding it. The reflectivity of the surface mirrors the setting in which it is situated, creating a harmonious balance between yacht and nature. The bold hull dominates the profile, while the fluid superstructure flows around and frames the upper decks to the rear of the hull. The glass wraps around the decks, both breaking up the surfaces and giving the yacht a dynamic look. At the same time, the glass connects the interior spaces to the environment, through maximising views and lighting. The rear steps fit perfectly to the exterior giving a seamless transition between the main deck and the interior. The layered steps also allow you to see the water running down around the nameplate to beneath your feet. The design of the ship allows for vast decks, perfect for admiring your surroundings and sunbathing. A unique sky view dining room separates the interior and exterior without disconnecting you from the environment.

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