Andreas Kamaris

    Young Designer 2019

    The project attempts to keep the aspect of light and the characteristics of a proper sailing yacht while incorporating all the comfort of a motor yacht. The hull was designed with a compact shape modeled for the sea and the wind. With its natural volume, the sun deck intersects the superstructure as an artificial element. The concept was to create an approach between human and natural construction. The two Dynarig masts with 1800m² photovoltaic sails are positioned at the two extremities of the sun deck either side of the glass structure. The sun deck comprises various intimate areas including the partially closed salon and the modular foredeck. The aft deck is a wide area without fixed furniture. It is conceived to be an area that can essentially be moved around, similar to living at home. The hull surface of more than 800m² is covered with a multilayer of photovoltaic paint, which is able to absorb direct and indirect light. Nabuco communicates eco-sustainability via light fixtures on the back of the masts. At night, via these lights, it is possible to see the use of the accumulated energy during the day decrease. In addition to the wind strength, the aim is to ensure the yacht is sensitive to the elements of nature.

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