Lujac Desautel

    Young Designer 2016

    Portofino is recognized for its villas set against the turquoise Mediterranean sea and the generous outdoor areas etched into the hillsides. These architectural nuances are an inspiration for the type of lifestyle the owner desires on her yacht. The result is a layering of spaces: terraces of varying sizes create an interplay between living indoors and outdoors and the necessity of flexible spaces for the company of guests on board. Each terrace has a unique shape lending itself to diverse uses such as an open air cinema, diving board, outdoor living room, fitness area, dance floor, or even a fashion show. Most importantly, Le Petit Terrasse is about creating home on the water. Le Corbusier’s perspective drawing is essence of an open plan. Le Petit Terrasse is conceptualized as a skeleton structure. A system of floor slabs combined together on a tank-tested hull maximizes an open and flexibile floor plan. The contemporary use of stacking decks on yachts is reduced to its most purest form. Experimenting with the contemporary method of cake stacking decks to result in an assymetrical form. To maximize outdoor space with varying levels of private and public areas for the owner and her guests, a series of cantilevering terraces are layered on top of each other. Each terrace is connected by stairs that lead to the sun deck. During the day, one could find outdoor sofas, chaise lounges, and sports equipment. In the evening, the furniture can be moved away for a large dance floor or outdoor dining areas.

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