Dennis Dreier

    Young Designer 2014

    As the client’s request was a classically elegant design and since I also wanted to keep the superstructure close to the cubic form of the origin vessel (Pilot-SWATH Elbe), I decided for a “cake layer” appearance. As an explorer yacht, I wanted to give it a strong, dominant look that was always focused on the target: remote areas. Two tender boats are stored conventionally on the main deck at portside and starboard. The other two are in the aft ship, stored in closed garages. The hatches open to midship, so with the swim platform it creates a little bay-like area. Through outside corridors around the decks, guests will always find a calm place, if they like. Or they can just enjoy the view. The outside areas offer large sunbeds, suites, a dining table, a whirlpool and great opportunities for social gathering. The interior is kept mostly in bright wood and a lot of leather in different colours. Some marble is used on the floor. I wanted to make the interior very light and simple so that people don’t feel constricted when they are on board for a longer time.

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