Rahmat Diko EDFI

    Young Designer 2022

    "The name is inspired by the middle name of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which means "love of God", derived from the Latin "amare", meaning "to love", and "deus" meaning "God". In harmony with the characteristics of Mozart's musical compositions, this yacht is designed with an emphasis on elegance and balance; the balance being that between interior and exterior areas with functions that support the enjoyment of the experience of youth. To recapture the experience of the owner's youth, this ship is equipped with various areas for fun, such as a gaming room, billiard room, and pool party area, which can also be used as an area to hold private parties when the ship is off-boarded. As a yacht designed to be eco-friendly, the Amadeus X has many solar panels/solar arrays installed on each of its open deck roofs. Amadeus X hopes to provide inspired emotions and a sense of comfort to the owner so that he can generate brilliant new business ideas in the future."

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