Alessandro Fulle

    Young Designer 2023

    Not simply a place to spend vacations with friends and family, but a "floating headquarters" where you can work, organise events and host clients: this was the client's main desire for this yacht. Multi-functional design is at the heart of this project, which has been tailored to offer the perfect balance of quiet, private spaces and large entertainment areas. To achieve this, the yacht is divided into two ideal sections: the bow area is intended for the owner and guests, while the stern area can be used for social functions or fashion events. The exterior design features a large, fully open-air beach club that is divided across multiple levels to ensure a full view of the sea from every point; the sundeck boasts a huge open surface, devoid of fixed structures and furnishings, capable of facilitating a variety of configurations based on the user’s needs, and allowing maximum freedom to the set designers of the fashion shows to reinterpret the space in increasingly novel ways. For the interiors, the choice of materials includes dark wooden accents and light-coloured fabrics in order to create contrast and give dynamism to the neutral colours, chosen to highlight the owner's colourful clothes.

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