Benedek Kallai

    Young Designer 2023

    The task of the Prêt-à-Porter project was to design a two-masted motorsailer for a fashion designer, who not only needs the vessel for recreation, but also to use as a day studio and event space for hosting on-board fashion shows. A central concept during the design process was representing the Prêt-à-Porter mentality. Usability and practice were so intertwined with the style that the result was a liveable, comfortable and elegant yacht. Its clear lines integrate classical and modern shapes into a coherent complex. One of the design's main goals was to reduce the ecological footprint of the yacht as much as possible. With this in mind, solar panels with large surface areas were installed, and Darrius rotor type wind turbines were designed to achieve this goal. They have a special bearing system, enabling them to fold down during fashion shows and other formal occasions. However, they can produce sustainable energy while sailing or when the ship is at anchor. They are stabilised by support cables. When turned down, the turbines are covered with solar panels, moved by a hydraulic system. The other important feature is the beach club. The multilevel design creates multiple micro-environments, each supporting a different form of relaxation and pleasure. The integrity of the whole is provided by the easy access between the levels via stairs and folding platforms. The arrangement of the yacht makes it ideal for hosting fashion shows. A dressing room is available on the main deck where the models can prepare for the event and they can easily reach the catwalk by a lift. The sun deck is also able to host a post-show buffet reception with a bar, some casual seating and open spaces for tables and guests.

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