Carlos Ruiz del Olmo

    Young Designer 2023

    Introducing the "Dione" project, a yacht named after Saturn's moon and the goddess in Ancient Greek mythology. With a focus on creating a visually stunning exterior, the design features an elegant and character-filled line that embodies a timeless style aligned with the client's brand values. The exterior surfaces of the yacht exhibit varying shades of light thanks to the strategic placement of lines, generating a playful tension between the design elements. To maintain an open view of the surroundings, a parametric design approach was employed for the pillars, resulting in a luminous and spacious main deck. To fulfil the client's commitment to clean energy, solar panels have been integrated into the yacht's roof and bow areas, reducing reliance on generators. Once on board, privacy is prioritised by the use of electrochromic glass throughout the yacht. This innovative glass allows for opacity regulation, preventing visibility from the outside while allowing ample light to enter. The interior harmony is achieved by a neutral and soft chromatic range, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere in line with the client's preferences. Each room offers panoramic views of the horizon, and the master bedroom ensures absolute privacy without sacrificing luminosity. Roof openings flood the room with natural light, and a private balcony extends the sense of space. In summary, the "Dione" project showcases an exceptionally well designed yacht that combines visual appeal, sustainability, privacy and comfort. Its elegant exterior and thoughtfully crafted interiors make it a masterpiece in the world of yachting.

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