Harun Kemali & Isik Goren

    Young Designer 2015

    The Wings of Light design is a combination of traditional and comfortable layout with a minimalist and modern style. A streamlined superstructure and large glass surfaces compose a general modern look while emphasising her fast racing characteristics. Cosy and comfortable exterior social areas are provided for guests on board with a large flybridge, protected cockpit and sunbathing lounges. A waterfall and pool are located alongside a cockpit dining area to create ultimate luxury and a relaxing environment. This creates an elegant and genuine yachting experience which fulfils all customer requirements. Minimalist, contemporary and naturally bright interiors offer a qualitative environment for yachtsmen with light wooden materials, turquoise and dark blue colours. Spacious arrangement ensures physical comfort while light colours and a modern design maximize relaxation. Minimalist and modern interiors reflect exterior design philosophy, and even early lines from the brainstorming phase feature as lighting elements in the final design, which also creates a slightly futuristic atmosphere. In nature, great mathematics is behind simple beauty as well as human creation; there can be no denying art and science have a common matrix. This matrix is continued here, in that yacht design is a hard decision-making progress where a change to a simple decision may lead to a totally different result as is similar in chaos theory and the butterfly effect. As the wings of a butterfly flutter in this design process, initial lines start to develop into a beautiful final yacht, which effortlessly blends engineering with the sea rather than being just a randomly designed floating object on sea. All in all, a modern, chic and welcoming yacht is created with bright yet simple solutions, kindly inspired by the sophisticated beauty of light which still continues to amaze many artists and scientists.

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