Antonelle Scarfiello

    Young Designer 2015

    Krill was born from a suggestion. The ketch required for the assignment of the 2015 Young Designer of the Year must be suitable to make great trips around the world with the family and this immediately made me think of something sinuous yet powerful, aggressive yet extremely charming. The humpback whale is able to travel great distances: migrating every year from the north of Norway during the summer, and then to tropical waters during winter with perseverance and tenacity. His body therefore inspired the shape of my boat. The cover is reminiscent of the peculiar furrows of the humpback whale, giving allure and elegance to the silhouette. The soft lines that characterise the grooves and the superstructure, generate the form of all the main elements of the bridge deck: the cockpit, the outside furniture, the stairs. In this way, Krill embodies the spirit of an adventurous traveller. In order to this, I used NURBS mathematical surfaces modelling on the bridge house: subdividing the U-V coordinates and then recreating them on them the surface. The result is a coherent yet revolutionary deckhouse with a fluid geometry that effortlessly blends with the near sea water. The bridge deck is delimited by a huge glass structure which allows full visibility, removing the boundaries between interior and exterior, between man and nature.

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