Graham Kukla

    Young Designer 2014

    M/Y Mosso is a 60-metre SWATH developed for a world-renowned composer who needed an incredibly stable platform on which to accommodate and entertain his large family, while exemplifying a “classically elegant” aesthetic. The nature of balancing the hull meant that close attention to the centre of gravity had to be paid, without sacrificing the beauty and elegance seen in traditional yachts with lower, sleeker sheer lines and superstructures. Mosso was borne out of a series of gently cascading curves, each overlapping the next, and by grounding the tall vessel with a forward stance. It emanates movement and fluidity. Floor-to-ceiling windows are partly sheathed, providing an ample view as well as privacy, and each deck is equipped with retractable sunshades to allow for use of the outdoor spaces in any condition. The floor plan is composed of a series of golden rectangles which pay homage to classical architectural structures and sacred geometric proportions. The golden ratio benefits the aesthetic of the vessel, and creates a harmonious environment that provides both balance and equilibrium. The direction of all of the berths (only facing fore and aft) also helps to reduce the likelihood of sea sickness. The interior includes such details as sine wave parametric surfacing, creating a composite surface from multiple different waves. Using this technique could potentially allow for accent surfaces directly representative of musical scales or songs. In addition, soundproofing between each floor, along with a performance space on the first deck and top-quality speakers throughout the yacht, ensure that any audiophile is pleased. There are several dedicated entertainment spaces provided on board, including a game room and movie theatre on the family deck that will be sure to amuse both children and adults alike. Outdoors, there is also an infinity edge pool with spectacular views and an open-air spa in the bow. In addition, an aft lowering platform provides a large beach area at water level for enjoying various activities and a seamless departure when using the toys and tenders.

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