Raphaël Laloux

    Young Designer 2014

    Definition: Something characterised by a harmonious combination of elements. Symphony answers to a very specific request from the owner: design a luxury yacht based on an unusual 60-metre SWATH commercial vessel. A fan of classical music and an internationally renowned conductor, the owner wishes to explore the world with his family. Symphony provides a unique experience in harmony with her surrounding environment. Thanks to curving promenades spiralling around the superstructure, the owner can go for a walk in the most beautiful seascapes of the world and take part in all family activities at leisure. Inspired by the world of opera, a dramatic staircase provides access to all decks. Twinned with a slide ending in a ball pool, these two elements – the staircase and the slide – spiral around the climbing mast. Each living space is fully opened on the outside, offering a dramatic view of the environment. The main deck is dedicated to the lounge with bars and seating areas inside and outside. The crew quarters are located in the front, around the tender garage. Guests can board the yacht safely thanks to a new tender launch pad located between the hulls. Symphony offers her guests a unique family adventure in harmony with her surrounding environment.

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