Yihharn Liu

    Young Designer 2019

    Selecting the stingray, a listed endangered species, as inspiration, highlights the design philosophy behind Manta, which is to create an elegantly modern form and to raise ecological awareness. Influenced by the shape and movement of the stingray, Manta’s graceful appearance and lines replicate nature to achieve stunning proportion and higher hydrodynamic efficiency. In addition, the concept integrates the best design elements from motor and sailing yachts. With a sleek profile and luxurious functions, Manta represents a unique perspective and the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. Manta can accommodate 10 guests, complete with diverse functions to suit the needs of all visitors. On the main deck, Manta features waterfalls flowing alongside the stairs to welcome guests aboard and to direct the eye towards two infinity glass swimming pools. The sundeck offers various facilities including a gym, a spa, an on-deck Jacuzzi and a relaxing sunbathing area, which can be rearranged into an outdoor cinema for viewing films under the stars. Given the design philosophy, Manta is intended for zero-emission. She features a regenerated propulsion system powered by hydrogen fuel cells. In addition to the solar glass panels on the sun deck, the large photovoltaic solar sail provides power via wind and electricity, turning seawater into hydrogen through electrolysis, which enables Manta to significantly reduce her ecological footprint and eliminate the need to refuel.

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