Andres Otano

    Young Designer 2024

    Saudade cannot be translated. It is Portuguese for a collision of joy and sadness; for melancholy and yearning; for excitement and loss. It is an emotional state that slips beyond most languages: this eponymous project captures the spirit. Designed around a fundamental human need to experience nature, SAUDADE is a vibrant concept, filled with flora. The sculptured exterior design takes influence from marine life, with long continuous surfaces across the yacht’s profile with gentle transitions. Natural and sustainable materials have been used throughout and SAUDADE has lush garden areas and generous al fresco areas, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. Key features include a wellness suite, complete with an enclosed Byzantine pool shaded by large trees connected to the beach club and main garden. The upper deck features two VIP guest suites and the owner’s apartment. From this deck, guests are offered 270-degree views of the sea and the interior main garden through the glass ceiling. SAUDADE has an innovative layout of glass and mirrors ensuring all onboard spaces are illuminated by natural light. The windows are covered with UV filters that promote healthy growth for the many plants onboard. The garden areas are built of a mixture of mycelium and fungi, 3D printed to be shaped organically. The air conditioner system uses the different soils and plants inside the yacht to filter the air. SAUDADE also features three wide solar panel arrangements. (Andres Otano)

    Meet Andres Otano

    What drew you to yacht design?
    I grew up near the sea, surrounded by nature. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the natural world – organic shapes, textures, colours, fragrances and sounds that bring our world alive. There is a great symmetry in yacht design, where each vessel is exquisitely unique and a blend of luxury, precision, quality and fine detailing.
    Yachts represent freedom and adventure; a connection with our oceans, experiencing life at its best. Uniting shape and function with the perfect mix of engineering, design and craftsmanship is an exciting challenge. I enjoy the creativity of finding new ways to implement the latest technologies, without sacrificing the essence of yachting: a peaceful retreat with nature.

    Which designers inspire your craft?
    The number of design studios and designers that have inspired me is countless. I cannot choose between so many talented people, so just to mention a few: Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Nauta Design, Luca Dini Design & Architecture, Andrew Winch, Espen Øino, Nuvolari Lenard, Philippe Starck, Ken Freivokh Design and Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design.
    I also want to highlight the work of my colleagues from past Young Designer of the Year editions, who have inspired me to push the boundaries of the yacht design panorama to find and envision new design trends, bringing innovative and appealing alternative concept designs.

    How would you like to see yacht design evolve?
    I bet on an evolution driven by sustainable materials. Innovative technologies that are respectful towards the environment will shape future yacht designs. We are in an industry of experience, not product design, and the ever-changing ways people enjoy spending time at sea will also influence the yachts of tomorrow. Flexible, customised solutions that allow spaces to have different configurations will also remain important.

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