Dave Rowles

    Young Designer 2016

    The design of the exterior is representative of the Milano fashion industry: bold, trend-setting and contemporary. Utilising the original layout designed from the brief I was able to design something low and open - at this size not really seen before. Therefore taking inspiration from day boats for both the life aboard and the aesthetic. With the superstructure’s visual weight shifted fore of midships, the vessel attains a dynamic and original form. Intricate and flowing lines apply momentum to the hull, avoiding a static appearance. The exterior was inspired from relatively pure and contemporary architectural forms, twinned with natural and elegant lines evocative of draped, flowing silk. The interior has grown using elements drawn straight from my initial impression of the brief - envisioning a bohemian, active and artistic lifestyle aboard. The interior design is an attempt to capture the client’s exuberant and colourful lifestyle. These sketches are done in the style of fashion designers to capture the eye of the owner. Immersing her in a safe and familiar style but yet providing an exciting and bold design.

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