Stefano Inglese Vafiadis

    Young Designer 2013

    “A Grand Tourer (Italian: Granturismo) is a high-performance luxury automobile designed for long-distance driving. ...The term derives from the Italian phrase “gran turismo,” homage to the tradition of the Grand Tour, used to represent automobiles regarded as grand tourers, able to make long-distance, high-speed journeys in both comfort and style.” The “Granturismo” project is a hybrid boat. The exciting and aggressive profile of an open ship meets the versatility, practicality and huge outdoor spaces of an explorer vessel.Granturismo is inspired by the charm and silhouette of classic “granturismo” sports cars – chasing this spirit, it has an elegant appeal combined with innovative solutions, inside and outside, with original details inspired by automobile design, where the form always follows the function. This all creates a timeless allure. Granturismo is designed to deliver the same feelings as traveling with an open roof in a “masculine” sports car, gliding fast along a road or across the sea, finding freedom in the wind and the setting sun.Granturismo is a boat made to speak to the “non-rational” side of the human soul where our instincts lie, and it does what every ultimate exotic toy should – it places human emotions and joy of life in the forefront.

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