Valeria Grassi

    Young Designer 2024

    NEXUM is a visionary yacht that embodies the essence of unity with nature. It redefines the very meaning of connection. At the heart of the design is a unique feature: a connecting strip that seamlessly links the yacht to the surrounding elements of the sea. Originating from the ocean, this strip navigates through a pool, reaching the core of the yacht. It ascends skyward through a vertical garden, symbolising a harmonious connection with nature. The strip that begins in the sea acts as a conduit, bringing the outside world inside. The central space becomes a hub of connectivity, where the natural elements are seamlessly integrated into the yacht’s core. While the exterior design may paradoxically appear detached, it deliberately contrasts with the interior. The intentional disconnection on the outside conceals an internal sanctuary where every aspect is meticulously connected with the natural world. With NEXUM, a rainwater collection system has been integrated, offering an effective solution to preserve water resources, reduce expenses and environmental impact, and promote a sustainable lifestyle. NEXUM is also coated with a thin film solar panel called “solar paint”. Equipped with two science labs, facilitating a wide range of physical, chemical and biological research activities, NEXUM can support ocean conservation. The dry lab features work surfaces, equipment and storage for samples. There are also various fridges and freezers. The wet lab provides direct access to the water for sampling, cleaning, and conducting analyses, such as CTD samplings that yield valuable information about the water. There is also a workshop where guests can actively participate in research activities, enhancing their awareness of ocean conservation. (Valeria Grassi)

    Meet Valeria Grassi

    What drew you to yacht design?
    It was my grandfather who first introduced me to design. He was an architect and I have always been fascinated by his work. From a young age, I realised how beautiful it is to design and create something starting from a white paper.
    I also used to travel a lot to Monte Carlo, and I remember always wanting to visit the harbour and admire the yachts. This is something I still enjoy doing. Growing up I found something even cooler: become the person who designs them.

    Which designers inspire your craft?
    Many design choices I made for NEXUM were inspired by the amazing experience I had during my internship at Espen Øino International. It was the British studio Winch Design that inspired the interior. Winch Design often incorporate innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology in their projects, using eco-friendly materials and implementing sustainable technologies, minimising the environmental impact of their yachts.

    How would you like to see yacht design evolve?
    I envision yacht design evolving with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and flexible interior spaces. Eco-friendly materials and innovative green technologies should be utilised to minimise the overall environmental impact of a yacht. The interiors will prioritise modular designs, which allow spaces to be easily reconfigured to suit various needs and occasions, enhancing the functionality and personalisation of each yacht.

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