Jasper Langeree

    Young Designer 2021

    The name Frigus, meaning "cold" in Latin, pays tribute to the high latitudes in which this yacht will be cruising. Designed with strong and muscular lines and a colour scheme that makes her appearance tough, it is clear that this 90-metre yacht is not a conventional yacht, but one meant for adventure, activities, and scientific research. One of the most unusual features of the design that stands out is the certified helicopter-landing pad with a retractable helicopter hangar on the aft deck. Also, at the request of the owner, outdoor space for sunning has been limited, but the bridge deck area has been designed for lounging, including a Jacuzzi, bar, outdoor kitchen, and dining table. The interior, meanwhile, was designed to focus on the view factor and can accommodate up to 12 guests with an underwater lounge, a pool on the lower deck and a wellness centre. Other facilities include a cinema, a wine cellar, and an observation lounge. The adventurous drive of the owner is reflected in the toys: the yacht features two eight-metre tenders, one 10-metre tender, a Triton submarine, snowmobiles, jet skis, mountain bikes, rafts, and storage for dive and ski gear.

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