Raphael Laloux

    Young Designer 2013

    Atlantic is the answer to a very specific request from the owner: to design a 65-meter Explorer Yacht that provides a unique user experience thanks to its original layout. Fascinated by sports cars, the owner dreamed of an original yacht reflecting that passion. Special attention had to be given to the exterior style as the owner enjoys spending time outside. Inspired by the motoring universe of antiques and classic sports cars, Atlantic has been created as a sports car is designed. The yacht’s main features include multi-functional living spaces that enable the utilization of numerous decks and contribute to the original style of the yacht, as streamlined as a sports car. Both the interior and exterior design have been conceived and designed simultaneously in order to convey and assure original and viable spaces while preserving the exterior design, responding to the owner’s expectations. Atlantic naturally reaches a visual balance as each line in the Z axis meets in a unique point, similar to the design of a sports car.Numerous bay windows and openings were created to offer a magnificent view of the sea. The guests can therefore enjoy the bar while relaxing and sunbathing as closely as possible to the sea on the open beach club. The main deck gathers all the living spaces. The composition of the gathering of the windows creates a large protected and enjoyable lounge. These spaces are thus easily adjustable. Separated from all the other superstructures, the living room has been framed to offer a 360° view of the surrounding environment at all times, creating a unique and comfortable observation post. Its specific location on the main deck confers a novel and exceptional lounge space: open and close to the sea but also protected. The 360° bar brings the interior and exterior together in a unique way, marking the transition between the living room and the lounge. This spacious and relaxing space that is open to the ocean can easily be turned into a large private disco area. Opened to the deck and made of large sliding bay windows, the dining room was designed to bring the feeling of outdoor dining inside. Reserved for the owner, the top deck has been conceived as a wide and exclusive loft opening to a private terrace. Atlantic is a re-interpretation of the automobile universe in a yacht, offering the owner a unique and inspiring experience in harmony with the ocean.

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