Juan Ortiz Rincón

    Young Designer 2013

    The exterior style of Anaconda reflects the imposing spirit and design language of sports cars. Her fast and dynamic appearance, reached by moving the superstructure more aft, creates a large outdoor living zone on the forward part of the yacht. It provides comfortable and cozy dining, lounging and sunbathing areas that are protected from the wind and waves and also are open to the surrounding environment. Folding balconies create additional lounging spaces and views overlooking the sea. The sleek lines and pure shapes of Anaconda form a clear outline that is easily recognizable and gives the yacht a radical, individual and masculine character. The interior layout with its rather unusual configuration is designed to profit the most from the available space by connecting the living zones in logical ways and by forming multi-purpose areas where appropriate. The day salon, for example, located on the main aft deck near the beach club and the watersports area, is converted at night into the home theater. The main salon on the upper forward deck connects with the large forward exterior living area and the discotheque, located in the tender garage, forming a unique party zone. The owners’ area is placed on the aft part of the yacht. It includes a private lounge and study and two private balconies over two levels, making privacy and relaxation possible. This approach of zoning allows for the introduction of several special features and surprises like a hot air balloon departure, a private starlight observation lounge, a sauna and different themed bars. All this takes the spirit of an explorer vessel to another level. Anaconda is designed for setting off on worldwide adventures, traveling in a relaxed way to the most remote destinations, and enjoying the time onboard during long trips without sacrificing any of the comforts of the superyacht lifestyle.

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