Marvin Schmidt

    Young Designer 2021

    In a fast-paced, globalised world, even the well-off among us are finding it increasingly difficult to escape the daily grind and indulge exclusively in their own pleasure, pursuing their hobbies and discovering places that few others will get to see. The desire for controlled seclusion, autonomy, and self-sufficiency is constantly growing, while concern for nature and the environment is making inroads into all levels of society. The design concept of an explorer yacht presented here addresses a customer base that feels predominantly at home in the Polar Regions and that, in addition to pursuing individual free-riding activities, would also like to collect and validate scientific data to support climate research. The task was to create a balancing act between a research vessel and an owner-oriented recreation centre with a high recreational and utility value. My design concept, "Phoenix", addresses this two-sidedness and unites the differentiated requirements of an ice-class explorer. The yacht is characterised by well-shaped and consistent lines and impresses with the high degree of integration of technical components. For example, a floodable tender garage has been integrated into the soft, defined, dynamic, and elegant outer skin of the ship, in addition to a helicopter hangar. When stored, neither the Airbus 135 helicopter, nor any of the three tenders or the Triton submarine are visible from the outside. This not only enhances the clarity of the exterior design, but also protects the sensitive components from the effects of harsh climates. A modular outdoor area at the bow of the ship, a two-story Main Salon with breath-taking views, a modern laboratory facility, a cinema, and a spa are just a few of the many extras found in this concept.

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